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We are an energy holding company focused in the E&P industry, mostly, till this time, in oil. Our primary assets are onshore fields in Brazil. Nord managers have years of experience in the upstream sector, having provided detailed research, analysis, and market projections for the development of new businesses.

With an innovative and resourceful team, the company has forecasted winning bids for tenders, achieving maximum profits by minimizing contract overbids. Its executives have a solid background in E&P Operations’ Management and helped determine corrective and preventative actions in the complex Oil & Gas Industry. Being results-driven, they work together for more profitable projects.

We consider ourselves ahead of our time since we understand Artificial Intelligence is, not only the future in any field but also an ingrowing reality inside our company. Meeting experienced and successful managers with young creative geniuses, we believe we have in our hands a different way of thinking about the oil & gas market, something incredibly very much needed. We believe efficiency, growth, and profit are achieved, building a link from the past to the future.

We intend to grow the company through: 1) development of current assets, 2) acquisition of production assets, and 3) participation in bids rounds in Brazil, focusing on the purchase of acreage in mature basins. And for that, we have been developing an in-house forecast model with the help of an experienced team of geologists, geophysicists, and engineers. Using Machine Learning, our models are able to learn to predict well drilling better; map better buying assets; prevent more efficiently contingencies; and better manage all assets.




Our company has a consolidated strategy, focusing primarily on buying and operating low-risk

assets. The owned assets, even the ones not yet producing, are located in well-known areas to decrease liability.

We strongly believe that any gas production should be an excellent investment since the Brazilian market is increasing its use every year. With that in mind, developing new fields is mandatory for maximum growth and profit since gas production is still modest, and the Brazilian government is focused on

making it happen.

To increase cash flow, we intend to purchase new blocks and concessions with current production, with the possibility of an upturn within one year after acquisition. Additionally, we seek to promote the growth and profitability of our existing producing assets by drilling new wells.

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Energy is life and because we are such huge enthusiasts of life on Earth, we do our part to take care of it. We believe our existence is about renovation, a constant circular change of energies.

Mission: to become one of the major players on the onshore E&P in Latin America and to bring innovation and efficiency through creativity.

Vision: we work hard every day producing energy to create a better life for many people.




We practice high ethical standards and we believe in transparency and compliance.


We take environmental matters very seriously and not only watch closely all currently owned assets but also consider any possible environmental issues for all possible acquisitions.


We have high regard for efficiency and pursuit the decrease of wastage in every way.

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Rua Lauro Muller, 116 - Sala 3201
Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
CEP: 22.290-160

Tel: (21) 3197-4445

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