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Nord is a company dedicated to the onshore Exploration and Production (E&P) of oil in the northeast region of Brazil. With highly qualified and experienced professionals, the company attained 100% hit-rate, achieving 4 discoveries in 4 drillings in its SEAL-T-330 and SEAL-T-430 blocks.



Brazilian Basins


Sergipe-Alagoas Basin is located on the Brazilian east coast, comprising the states of Sergipe, Alagoas, and Pernambuco. Explored since the 1930s, and with good exploratory development, the emerging portion of the basin is classified as mature.

Harpia, one of the fields in our possession, is located in the central-east portion of the basin. In regional terms, the field is located south of a prominent geological feature called “Alto de Pacatuba". Meanwhile, the Guará field is located close to fields with advanced development.

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The Recôncavo Basin is located in the State of Bahia, Northeast Brazil, with an area of approximately 11.500km². Its oil discovery occurred in 1939 with the drilling of the DNPM-163 well in Lobato, considered the starting point for the Brazilian oil industry.

The data collection currently includes more than 60.000 km of 2D seismic lines and 3D seismic records corresponding to more than 1.300 km². About 6.000 wells were drilled, of which more than a thousand exploratory. This exploratory effort resulted in the discovery of about 90 accumulations of oil and gas.

The basin is highly prolific because it has a very efficient oil system (migration and timing). The Recôncavo Basin accumulated oil and gas in practically the entire sedimentary section.

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Dollar and Brent

Here you can track the commercial dollar quotation today, as well as monitor the Brent barrel price. These are two fundamental economic indicators to understand the E&P sector in Brazil!

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